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Clean-up Your Space With a Reliable Cleaning Services Provider in Bloomington, MN

For locals and businesses of Bloomington, MN, a basic cleaning routine might remove visible dirt, but what about the allergens, germs, and structural wear and tear? More importantly, for businesses, a bland environment can deter potential clients or partners. That’s where the cleaning services of Eagles Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC come into play.

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Keep Your Property in Pristine Condition

Over time, dust accumulates in unseen corners, bacteria thrive in hidden spots, and the integrity of your establishment can slowly degrade. You may not notice it at first, but your environment subtly influences your well-being, productivity, and impression of others.

This is why, with 15 years in the industry, we specialize in house cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, construction cleaning services, and even handyman services. Our trained team knows what it takes to rejuvenate a space, making it not just clean but truly pristine. We care about our clients and strive to deliver professional, reliable, and satisfactory services.

Look into the services we offer:

  • Home cleaning: Our house cleaning services provide a thorough and customized cleaning solution for every type of residence. Whether you need a simple spruce-up or an in-depth deep clean, our professional cleaners are equipped to handle all aspects of housekeeping, ensuring a dust-free, germ-free, and impeccably clean home.
  • Commercial cleaning: Optimize your workplace with our specialized commercial cleaning services. We cater to the unique demands of business environments, offering routine cleaning and specialized deep cleaning to maintain a professional, hygienic, and welcoming atmosphere for both employees and clients.
  • Residential building cleaning: Specializing in residential deep cleaning services, our team delivers top-notch cleanliness for apartment buildings and residential complexes. We focus on common areas and private residences alike, providing a comprehensive cleaning that promotes a healthy and attractive living environment.
  • Post-construction cleanup: Our construction cleaning services are crucial for clearing away the mess left after building works. We ensure that every surface is free from construction debris, dust, and potential hazards, preparing the space for immediate occupation or further interior work.
  • Maintenance / Handyman services: Our handyman services extend beyond cleaning to encompass all forms of maintenance and minor repair work. From plumbing issues to electrical fixes and general upkeep, our skilled handymen ensure that every facet of your property is in excellent condition, enhancing functionality and extending its lifespan.

At Eagles Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC, we go beyond mere cleaning services. We understand the Bloomington, MN landscape and offer tailored solutions to ensure your residential or commercial space stands out. When you choose us, you’re investing in quality, reliability, and peace of mind. With our commitment to excellence, every corner of your space will reflect precision and care, ensuring you, your family, or your clients are in an environment that’s both safe and appealing.

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Step into a cleaner, brighter space with Eagles Cleaning & Maintenance, LLC. With peerless expertise, we redefine what it means to be truly clean in Bloomington, MN, and beyond.

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